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hi, is it normal that alum foil is use to wrap around the class 'o' insulation rubber for the connection from the out door unit to the indoor?
was told of this from one of the sale man, another shop say they use form instead. or what is the correct way?

u mean the foil is originally wrap around the insulation? or they wrap the foil on the spot themselves?

if the foil u c is originally wrap around the insulation, than tat is better. becos it helps to protect the insulation against uv-ray, rain or shine. normally it is used on the outside. connecting from condenser unit to inside your hse...

if say use normal insulation, than mayb in a year or few years later, the insulation will start to come off. at tat time your neighour below u wil start to nag at u... n your aircon will not be tat cold liao.
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