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Hi people,

the compressor for 2 of my units has spoiled already. looking to replace the full unit.

any recommendations for system2/system3 inverter-type air-conditioner?

Criteria is pretty simple :

1. Low power consumption
2. Durable
3. Doesn't have to be a high-powered unit, since i'm thinking of installing it just above the bed only.
4. Doesn't have to look good, but would be a plus!

the Gain City guy recommended Hitachi unit to me, $3388 for system3 inverter, includes bracketing,installation, 5yr extended warranty - worth it?

Starmex is out of stock though - $200 more ex than Hitachi and less power saving, judging from the part/full load.
i'm currently using Toshiba Invertor sys-4. Chose it mainly becoz it's compressor is made-in-japan, plus my parent's place also used Toshiba previously which lasted them for ~15 years!

my first invertor system was Fujitsu... which i had to repair after ~ 4 yrs of usage.

i'm a heavy user, btw, on ~ 12hrs every nite.

one thing to note was the Toshiba is very cold and i have to set it ~ 25-26C. It uses R410a gas, and the condensed water can be chilly to the point that it may cause sweating on the drainage pipes, even when it's insulated with ARMAFLEX.

Also, GC installed it for me.
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