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Hi there,

The PSU will do.
Btw, what are your system specs and
which PSU are you using?
hi coolstyle.

i just went to customer service there at AMK around 12 AM today, I already changed my PSU CORSAIR HX 520W for a new one (THANKS!) after tested that mine can't boot up in their rig. Problem now is, I left my cable there, i think the guy there used mine to test the PSU. one is the PCI Express cable and one is SATA cable, I will go there again tomorrow lah. but now how to prove those cables is mine?

FYI, the guy who talked to me is a chinese wearing a blue shirt, and have eyeglasses, the other one on the desk is a malay / indian one. also with glasses. I didn't ask their name. Sorry

Any help / clarification? THANKS again..!
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