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hey guys hope someone can help. i will be travelling to hualien from taichung on a sat. how long does it take? problem is i need to meet a group of friends at hualien who will be travelling from taipei on train 1091 and will reach hualien at about 10am cos we have engaged a tour guide who will pick us up at hualien at this time. from the website i saw no train departing from taichung and reach hualien at this time! are there any other ways to check or other alternatives?? thanks!!
abt 3-5hr...cant rember taichung to khh is how long but i know from khh to taitung is abt 3hr,den u still haf to transfer from taitung to hualien(there is no direct train from taichung to hualien due to diff railway line)
take another train wif a earlier timing
meaning either u reach 1st or or frd reach 1st lo
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