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Knives Ship Free -
Not a lot of choice but yup they ship to Singapore and they charge fair shipping too. Very good experience buying from them.

New Graham - Very good shipping charges and great service. Price wise very average. Decent selection.

Knife Works - HUGE selection, great prices but shipping can be expensive.

Cutlery Shoppe - Expensive shipping but their prices are good.

EBay - Hit and miss... Do your research before buying.

Shipping can be expensive not because they are profiteering but because they make it compulsory to use EMS. My first choice where possible is to ship via USPS Inter. Priority flat rate box which costs about USD13 and you can stuff about 2-3 medium sized folders per shipment up to 2lbs.

I remember you had quite a decent collection yourself. Curious which are your favorite stores. It may help if you can tell what knife in particular you are looking for.
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