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since i got nothing to do, i say my story here:

i bought a boker subcom some time ago. then i played around with it. i dismantle and assemble. during which, i careless and damage the screw pattern on top because i use too much force. the pattern wear out to say.

so i email boker repair dept. they say they got sell replacement set and it cost $x.xx (forgot). i asked how to buy? they say they wont ship overseas and they will get back to me asap on how to help me. waited very long, no response.

i email again. they claim they took so long because they got issue with overseas shipping because it is not their usual practice to ship overseas. unless i can find a third party in USA, i carry on waiting.

so i emailed NGK. NGK kindly volunteered. and so, i relay to boker. boker say OK. i asked them about the cost. they say don't bother. FREE. haha. good after sales huh? except they took very long to sort out overseas shipping but still not solved...

now i want to tompang 4 screws over. if you dont know what to buy, can look at boker line of products. this kind of manufacturer deserve to support.

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