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Hi, I'm new here as well as to knife collecting. Glad to see that there're fellow enthusiast here in Singapore - purgatory of knife lovers.

If any of you should be having a knife fondling session, please do not hesitate to invite me. As long as it stays above the belt I would love to attend .

Here is my collection so far, any assistance in growing it would be very much appreciated. You would see that I'm indiscriminate and more of a knife "amasser" than a collector

Brian Tighe - Tighe Breaker
Darryl Raphl - Trigger Maze
Chris Reeve - Umnumzaan
Lone Wolf Knives - Defender
CRKT - Gallagher Glide Lock
CRKT - Kommer Fulcrum
CRKT - Elishewitz Horus
CRKT - Elishewitz Montu
CRKT - Elishewitz Pharaoh
CRKT - Elishewitz Anubis
CRKT - Ashworth Turtle
CRKT - My Tighe
CRKT - Ripple
CRKT - Natural
Extrema Ratio - Rao
Mission - MPF3-Ti
Mission -MFK2
SOG - Fatcat
Zero Tolerance - M.U.D.D
Spyderco - Gunting
Spyderco - P'Kal
Spyderco - Delica4 Emerson Opener
Mantis - Classiest Act
Mantis - Chaos Folder
Al Mar - Hawk Ultralight Talon
Fällkniven - PXL Magnum
Bradley Cutlery - Alias II
Benchmade - Rukus
Benchmade - 530 Pardue
Benchmade - Nagara
Emerson - CQC-8
Cold Steel - AK-47
Cold Steel - Rajah I

No, I'm not in love with CRKT, in fact I hate them for making me buy so many of their knives.

Everyone have a great weekend ahead.
Woah nice collection you have there! I would luv to fondle the Umnumzaan
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