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i recommend louhu....replica watches cost less than 100 RMB a piece, u get more, u can bargain more....mont b@!# pens, less than 10 RMB for shorts ones and 20 for the normal ones, shoes betwen 100 t0 200 depending on the style....purse/wallet between 100 to 200 and handbag 150 to max 300.

TIP* if they offer you, you think its ok, then you pay the price> If you counter offer, and they accept, please BUY.> If you do counter offer, try a selft discount of 60 to 70% less and stick to it. If they accept , please BUY. If they cannot, then walk away. And try other stores.
$$$ is not the problem, but the problem is no $$$ -- Beng035
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