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Hi, need some advice here after reading through many of the posts here.

I want to change the aircon in the 3 bedrooms as they are already 9 years old and start having problems. Currently using Daikin 4MK75FVEN (inverter with R22). The piping are running in the false ceiling. Bedroom sizes about 120, 130 and 150 sqft.

Thinking of changing to non-inverter aircon like Daikin MA56EV1 but worry not cold enough. The other alternative is to go for inverter aircon but cost about $1k more. Usually we will turn on aircon in 2 bedrooms throughout the night. Any advice?

Should I change the current piping? (I know if I change to R410a gas, then must change piping). If don't change, worry got problem later. If change, it will be messy and not sure if the shop can patch up nicely after installation. Anyone has experience on this?

Do the shop normally charge for removing existing aircon?

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