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Welcome here Kart!

Yup you ain't going to use knives here unless they are for everyday tasks, eg. opening boxes, cutting paper, etc. Maybe whittling a pencil?

I would love to see some pics of the Umnumzaan and the SOG Fatcat! (I'm a huge SOG fan btw.)
Thanks for the welcome. The only use I have for my knives are to open packages of my knives. It's a self sustaining process

Getting my friend to snap pics of my stuff, but it'll be slow going, as I have alot to lug over to his place. Don't have my knife pouch yet so the problem is compounded. Plus I can't justify having 20+ knives on my body when I set off the metal detector all the way at AED.

Just got my Tighe Breaker too, it's as lovely as the picture suggests. Well worth the excruciating wait.

Yep, it's USD, wish it was SGD.
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