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Just to ask some opinion as looking to install air condition. My masterroom is around 30sm and common room is around 15sm.

From the website calculator, it seems I need around 12k BTU for Masteroom and around 8k BTU for common room.Initital I am eyeing for mitsubishi starmex but seems it is running out of stock now. GC guy introduce me toshiba

However I am having doubt on the combination:

1) RAS-4M26SACV( system 4 outdoor unit with 34k BTU), RAS-M10SKCV(9000 BTU) X2, RAS-M16SKCVX1

2) RAS-3M20SACV( system 3 outdoor unit with 24k BTU), RAS-M10SKCV(9000 BTU) X2, RAS-M16SKCVX1.

First doubt : Can RAS-3M20SACV support the second combination without any problem if I always on 3 aircond for night?

Second doubt :Is RAS-M16SKCVX1 enough for 30sm room or I need RAS-M22SKCVX1 for masterroom ?Actually the GC guy recommend me RAS-M22SKCVX1 before I get the web calculator.

Appreciate help from all expert here. Thanks
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