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30sqm is a big room! Normal MBR maybe around 12-15 sqm. You probably need 18,000BTU or more for it.

Say if your numbers are correct (12k, 8k), if you on 3 rooms at the same time, you will need at least a 28k BTU system. If does not mean if the FCU is rated 9k BTU you will get 9k BTU. For your second option, you are only gettting 5,400BTU and 9k BTU when all 3 rooms are on at the same time. Even the first option is not able to meet your requirement whether you are using M16 or M22 FCU.
Thanks for your reply. However the only biggest BTU for tohisba outdoor unit is only 34K BTU which is RAS-4M26SACV.

Is it mean if I want to go for this brand will be( check with toshiba catalog details)

1) RAS-4M26SACV( system 4 outdoor unit with 34k BTU), RAS-M16SKCVX1, RAS-M10SKCV(9000 BTU) X2 with 3.4,2.05,2.05 Unit capacity (11.6k & 7k BTU)

2) RAS-4M26SACV( system 4 outdoor unit with 34k BTU), RAS-M22SKCVX1, RAS-M10SKCV(9000 BTU) X2 with 3.94, 1.78,1.78(13.4K BTU & 6k BTU)

Does this mean both setup will not cold also? Should I separate the MBR aircond from the system 3 and install as individual unit?this will cause my air condition totally out of budget if I need 2 compressor now - -

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