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I just want to share my bad experience with Best Tech in IMM. I ordered a ME Sys 4 from them on 20/12/09 and paid a deposit of 700+. The installation was supposed to be on 2 Jan and the guy promised me the workers will come in the morning as it will take quite long.

A few days before that, the guy called and tell me that there are no stocks for the aircon I want. He said that new stocks will only be available later and we agreed to move the installation to 16 Jan.

On 15 Jan, they called me to confirm installation on 16 Jan ard noon time. I was a little puzzled as based on their sales guy when I signed, the project cannot be completed in half a day. But the guy on the phone was confident and said at most they work till late in the night. Although I wasn't very happy, I said ok.

Then on 16 Jan, my family and I moved everything away early in the morning to facilitate the installation. Then we waited till around 1pm and nobody turned up. We finally called the office and the lady said the workers cannot make it. Also, she said dun call back after 1 as nobody is in office.

She then offered me to re-arrange another installation date. After some discussion with my family, I decided not to proceed as I have lost confidence in the company. I am now in discussion with Best Tech to get my money back.

It has just been a very bad experience with them. Now, I will probably have to wait till after CNY to look for another company again. When I signed with them, they promised me the stars and the moon and all I got was this kind of rubbish.

are they going to pay the 700 back to you? if not, might as well get them to install but need to monitor closely during the installation. to forgo 700 to get new company it too great!
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