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Managed to try 333 before the end of the year last year. A good thing that my friend had the Eat@Meritus card which got the 3 of us 33% off. I dunno about the wagyu roast beef. I thought it tasted like normal roast beef? I liked the teppanyaki beef and shrimp. Had a few servings of those. And there was a miso-mirin cod which was super. Wouldn't mind going back again if my friend is in the mood for buffet. Heh.
i went with my gf on 23 dec with eat@meritus card. unfortunately the card not applicable on xmas and xmas eve.

paid $80 for 2 persons which i think was quite worth it.

i was hoping the chef give me many pieces of amaebis but he only gave me 2 had to go for 2nd round
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