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Just came back from a dinner at carousel.

It was a nice dinner overall. Most of their cooked item and their seafood selection are good and extensive. Their chicken rice has improved since the last time i have been there and their desserts are still really good.

But there is one huge mistake that they did in order to cut the costs of what they were serving. The alaskan king crab that were served was super super salty to the point that i could only eat one tiny portion of the leg.

They soaked the crab in salt water so that diners feel thirsty more and drink more water thus feeling full faster. I was turned off by their tactics. I expected that a good buffet restaurant such as their would not resort to such tactics used by other lower classed restaurants to turn off diners from eating too much of the expensive buffet items.

The crab was one thing but the oyster was another item that they simply put was inedible. Just like the king crab, it was also soaked with salt water. I couldn't even taste what the oyster was like. All I could taste was chewing and swallowing salt. That was how bad it was. My friends and I tried the oyster when they put up different batches and all were salty.

All the other seafood items thankfully didn't suffer the same fate as the oysters and the king crab and were still fresh and their original taste intact. But the incident with the oysters and the king crab just left a lingering bad taste in our mouths throughout the buffet. I dunno whether we will ever come back to Carousel but we are sure not to patronize the restaurant for quite sometime and will definitely convince other people to do likewise until the problem is fixed.
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