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many of u ppl gave jobs and apple too much credit....

for every iphone/ipods, there's a apple pippins or appletv......

the thing is, not every released by apple is gold.

in fact, if u r old enough, i'm sure u can remember some of the spectacular duds apple released back then.....

Apple currently still have what i called the 'obama effect'. When obama first came into office early last year, the american hailed him as the coming of christ and savior, golden crown, turning water to wine, halo and all. But alas, reality kicks in and now ppl realised that he is no god.

Same with apple. They make good (looking) products....sure.........but every product they released is a repackaging of an existing product......with a better casing. The mainstream probably will be drooling over their stuff but any decent technology users will be baffled by the stuff that they released.
Which tech company always release "hit" product? None.
These are business that take risk whenever they release new products.
Apple almost bankrupt few years back even got "loan" from Microsoft
But look where they are now. Apple Inc. is bigger than HP, Dell, IBM in market capital.
Point is Apple learned from their mistakes and now very profitable. You can have the best tech but nobody buys/uses.
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