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many of u ppl gave jobs and apple too much credit....

for every iphone/ipods, there's a apple pippins or appletv......

the thing is, not every released by apple is gold.

in fact, if u r old enough, i'm sure u can remember some of the spectacular duds apple released back then.....

Apple currently still have what i called the 'obama effect'. When obama first came into office early last year, the american hailed him as the coming of christ and savior, golden crown, turning water to wine, halo and all. But alas, reality kicks in and now ppl realised that he is no god.

Same with apple. They make good (looking) products....sure.........but every product they released is a repackaging of an existing product......with a better casing. The mainstream probably will be drooling over their stuff but any decent technology users will be baffled by the stuff that they released.
Well, Obama is still the hardest working president America ever got.... when asked about his less than popular decisions and how this will affect his mid term polls, he answered that he'd rather be known as a 1 term president who's done more for his people than a 2 term president who's done little.

Likewise, Steve Jobs is the best CEO any company has ever seen (and this has been validated by Harvard, Fortune, etc) and the company's products are always at the top echelon of it's product class and have the sales figures to prove it.

If your statements had even the slightest validity, then prove them with hard facts. Numbers and figures please.
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