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Which tech company always release "hit" product? None.
These are business that take risk whenever they release new products.
Apple almost bankrupt few years back even got "loan" from Microsoft
But look where they are now. Apple Inc. is bigger than HP, Dell, IBM in market capital.
Point is Apple learned from their mistakes and now very profitable. You can have the best tech but nobody buys/uses.
They went bust before Steve was hired back into Apple.

I totally agree about this. People have still not realised that technology alone is cold and boring. You can have the highest spec whatever, but without the great user experience, it will be an epic fail. Just look at the iPod when it first came out. It was more expensive than most of it's competitors, it did less even. But it became the best selling mp3 player. Why? Well, most sour-pus will tell you it's because of Apple's Marketing engine, but any half-wit person will be able to tell you that marketing alone without a great product will never get you to the top. Until the clueless geeks realise this, I guess we are doomed to hear these nay-sayers flood Apple forums with their nonsense until sales figures shut them up.
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