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As I've mentioned before this launch, I'll be getting 1 for the entire family to share. It will be great for my 2 year old daughter to watch her Sesame Street and WIggles clips as well as play her toddler games on (all of which she does by herself now with my iPhone). My wife is already eyeing it for her lazy browsing needs on the bed, watching shows, reading books and recording and reading recipes in the kitchen. For me, it's a great device firstly as an in-car entertainment and navigation system, great for my part time schooling and of cos gaming and movies.

I see great potential for it being use in many industries and institutes of higher learning. If anyone here is so obsessed with things like the name, lack of multi-tasking and other features, and keep comparing it to existing market devices like the netbook when it is clearly in a whole class of its own, then they should definitely not waste their money on the iPad and get a netbook instead. I've had 3 netbooks in the past, none of them lasted me more than 6 months. I had the same disease before with Windows Mobile phones.... that was before I got my first iPhone 3G which I've been using till today.

The only complaint we have is that it does not support flash, rendering my wife's fav FB games unplayable on the device. 1 thing's for sure, we'll need to get this gmasked or at the very least condom protected, especially at the rate our daughter drops our iPhones now.
Actually it depends on your needs.
At almost a $1000, and with limited disk storage, the fever will be over in days after buying it. Iphone is different. You can put in pocket, but where to stuff an Ipad in?
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