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thats quite a bit of discussion here, some thoughts

1. no flash, no usb, close platform
Apple has a tradition to 'lock down' the system since Lisa?? The reason is to deliver a controlled and quality experience. You can have it all in this life right? A controlled environment is restricted but given fewer variables, there are less hiccups. An open environment is flexible, with more variables, thus higher chance to 'abnormalities'. Yes you can fix the abnormalities with IT skills, but not everyone is IT trained and we can't expect them to. Nothing to do with bimbos

2. iPad vs netbooks
damn its a really terrible name... anyway I have been through alot of netbooks from eeePC, mini note, lenovo. I kinda stop buying them after getting MBA. Point is netbook keyboards are just too small for some serious typing (just check out the shift key) what about track pad? too small. So the MBA is the key writer for me now (and subsequent went on to pay for itself by increasing my productivity)
So if netbook keyboards are too small, and screen is too tiny to display some content well... what do we need for a bridge device for simple web surfing? the..(there we go again..) iPad. I will get it for presentation and on-the-go web surfing. And the apps?? I can't wait to do a quick flow chart/mind map on it whenever I have new ideas on the go. It will be a decent note taking tool as well (don't like my keyboard clicking during meetings/seminars)

3. Steve Jobs and Apple conspiracy
Some key players in the states are calling for more entrepreneurs to truly recover the global economy into overdrive, and they are asking for more Steve Jobs. He is also the CEO of the decade. So who the hell am I (read: are we) to doubt his technology and business sense? I hope we ('we' as in a political speak) can all get alittle more sense here on this whole 'Apple is ripping us off' theory. Fact is, technology is getting mainstream and it should be simple to use for the population. The population here doesn't care about setting, start, control panel, dock, preference. They care about talking to their friends, reading a simple article. And the iPod, iPhone, iPad are all meant to be SIMPLE to use. The break-through, revolution, what-ever-selling-terms, are geared towards simplicity which happens to be what the market wants.

And don't compare with MM Lee, if not for him we might not have broadband internet now. Can one of us lead the country better than him?

Anyway, I have also stopped my compulsive handphone trading after I got my iPhone 3G. On hindsight now, I save more money by 'settling for one' The search is always costly
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