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What/why do you think you will use the iPad for? How is it a notebook or a smartphone cannot do and yet the iPad can fill in the gap?

My thoughts directs towards in-car computing where notebook is hard to use and smartphone is small to navigate.
If there's an app that teaches you cooking, where a notebook seems too crumblesome and a smartphone again to small to show, this is probably where the iPad can fill in the gap.

Commercial usage for iPad seems more potential "out of the box" taking over iPod Touch - interactive menu stand, product demo, augment reality tours (if there was a camera!) or duties requiring content consumption or pushing to end users.

Some other thoughts against iPad - while mutlitouch keyboard makes iPad more "ubiquitous", the lack of tactile physical keyboard still makes it less friendlier to type on.

What can you think iPad could do that notebook and smartphone couldn't had done better?
Every mouse Apple made is horrid..
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