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It's more of an advanced iPod Touch, thus more of a lifestyle device that is a cross between an iPod Touch and a netbook.

Potential uses would be in school, if publishers/schools decide to publish materials in the whateverthing open book format. You don't have to drag books to school and viewing notes would be easier since you don't need to bring the material itself or a notebook/netbook. Plus with WiFi/3G you could easily do some basic research. Plus with a dock you could do a presentation with the VGA out. No Apple Remote there though.

Or it could just be a casual entertainment device to be used in a home environment (like bluemint mentioned) or even for those who really really like to have a large screen + entertainment on the go. If you travel a lot, I guess you don't really need to bring a full fledged notebook or netbook if your needs are very you can entertain yourself on the flight for quite a bit.

It's really just a supercharged iPod Touch really. And we might not get the iBooks library, especially since music from the iTunes Store is also not available for Singaporean users...although one might argue if Singaporeans will even make use of it at all.
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