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Let's go for some creative, constructive thoughts here.

I was reading this article about the method of file access on the iPhone/iPad OS.

Then I thought about what I would want to do with an iPad, if I had one. Photo editing is one of the main uses that comes to mind (as some have mentioned earlier). I would also like to do some casual web coding on-the-go. Have a library of code reference iBooks, a nice little text editor, and a web browser. No server-side stuff, just simple frontend web scripting and layout. Obviously by now some hardware and software hurdles are already accumulating, but let's focus on the article at hand.

How would you enable multiple apps to access the same files? Like separate photo-editing and viewing software? How will third-party developers collaborate with Apple (and among themselves) on this? Sharing of data among applications?

Shared cloud databases could be one way.
Simply sharing local files between apps is another, though it could get messy as all documents of one app is stored in the app's folder, and deleted when the app is removed. A common folder for a category of apps?

Any ideas?

(I don't use the iPhone so any clarifications on the way the file system works would be good, too.)

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