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you never know what you can get tons of freebies even better from having flash embedded in iphone or ipad. well your bills must be screaming over paid downloadables apps. think you must be god damn riches. well dont we want flash inside iphone and ipad right, isnt that the basic complaints over the years from iphone.

a fishing pole to hook smart alecks like you
people will be damn to be treated like fishes in a pond
Like somebody said earlier in this thread, there are bound to be critics and complaints by people who hasn't even seen or touch the real thing yet - "No flash, no multi-task, got to pay for apps, etc". But when the product is launched, these iPhone/iPad bashers mysteriously disappear. Like the iPhone, good reviews appear and the product becomes best seller.

Only time will tell. No point wasting time arguing. Maybe one of these critics can come out with 'FreePad' that has flash, camera, USB, core3triple, 256Gb SSD, multi-tasking. Oh yes, with free apps from developers and a free game called 'Fishing Smart Alecks'.

Ok, Ok, is getting too fun. Got to stop before I get out of hand and kenna whack left right centre ... with a FreePad.
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