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Dude, that last paragraph makes terrible sense. In the real world, it's the same psychology that allows terrorists and bankers to continue to do what they do...

All reasons I've heard so far are very minor and particular issues, like the one you've mentioned with smart dial. If millions can use the phone the way it is, I don't see any justification for jailbreaking, apart from using 2G iPhones outside of AT&T. I've personally jailbroken my 2G iPhone in the past and I was tempted at one point to use Cydia, but I gave up that idea very quickly. It boils down to principal. I really don't want to preach, but I feel very strongly that if someone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a phone, they must be willing to spend a few dollars for applications that they will use. Don't be one of those BMW 5 series owners topping up 92 octane petrol, or in this case going for cheap grade petrol across the causeway while using a fuel gauge switch.
The two apps I compared both cost money -
Apple - Smart Dial = $0.99
Cydia - iSmart Dialer = $7.99

It is znging the BMW 5 series, as a form of pursuing the development of a platform that pitches for your money, be it from Apple or Cydia.

It's a matter of choice to remain contented with what Apple provides or to jail break since there are millions of jailbroken iphones as well. Apologises, I did not clarify myself clearly, but I hope you do not perceive jail break to be unorthodox and morally wrong, filled by cheap thrills and piracy. I respect your choice but would also like to highlight that Apple itself is not all saint in protecting their business.

Apple's infamous App approval policy had withdraw legit apps like GV Mobile, pushing people to jail break their devices - is it truly because GV Mobile duplicate the functions that Apple has or is it due to Google, I think many would find the latter. If Apple were at war with Facebook and ban Facebook app, I think people will just boycott Apple. However, I truly do not care about Apple's business wars, since jail break liberates these power struggles.

Back on platform pursue, someone mentions the cheap GPS modules smart phone ships in, I agree. If anyone tried using Google Maps with live traffic driving above 90km/h, they may find the GPS to be inaccurate as well as maps not updated because of the network load. I wouldn't mind paying more for an external GPS module like the TomTom car kit for iPhone to work better for me. And since I cannot ensure my 3G network to cope with the data load, a jail break iphone storing map cache can work around this situation. These measurement pushes beyond what Apple/Singtel/Nature had provided, but a user's choice to extend it to his needs.

Although Apple releases the API for its 30 pin connector, I still find manufacturers slow in adapting their hardware for iPhone/iPod touch. The iPods accessories are now abundant and successful, in a dying market (to me). I want to see more accessories catering for the iProducts like for in-car computing in a mac environment - like the PLX Device or this:

I just yearn for how the iPad can be used and pushed beyond Apple's perceived market - through both software and hardware by us, the activists (some stereotype as Apple fanboys) to consume technology and have 1 device to govern multiple environments.
Every mouse Apple made is horrid..
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