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I know the ipad has other uses besides surfing net but surely that is one of the more common uses. And i dunno abt u guys but the inability to view flash enabled sites sure pisses me off. And many websites need flash.

Just the other day my cousin & i were thinking of going to G2000 & went online to see where's the nearest outlet. He used his iphone & hit a brickwall. Flash required! I had to use my N97.

Sure we can say ignore those sites that need flash but considering how many of these sites there are, it can be a real inconvenience to be "locked out". And Jobs can say what he wants about flash but bottomline is many sites need it & the inability of iphone & ipad to view these sites is a pain!

U may beg to differ but im not prepared to pay a premium for a product that doesnt allow me to view flash enabled sites which btw is a helluva lot of sites. It might be the best mp3 player cum video viewer cum what not but if i cant view all websites, its a lemon to me.

Of and for the record, im not a mac hater having owned a 2nd gen imac & macbook previously and currently owning a mbp & soon a 27" imac.

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