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That's where I fundamentally disagree. I believe that there is no such thing as freedom of choice, just perceived freedom, either created by the state, politicians, corporations or a person's psychological state of mind. Where technology is concerned, a properly controlled platform is the only way to ensure that the user gets a standard reliable experience each and every time. This has been Apple's strength over it's competition since the beginning of time. A simple request to have themes on the iPhone requires tens of thousands if not more lines of code changes in the SDK and testing and retesting the millions of ways these changes affect all existing and future applications, not to mention the security implications involved. For jailbroken phones, nobody cares about any of this, hence themes implementation can be done in the blink of an eye in development time. Jailbreaking is a quick fix that jeopardises the future of a great platform and the fantastic ecosystem that has benefitted thousands of others besides Apple themselves. What is morally wrong is when you find reasons to jailbreak that are flimsy and often exaggerated to propagate the act. The infamous app approval policy issue between Google and Apple keeps coming up and being used as evidence of the App Store's "perceived strong-arm tactics" but if I were to press you for a few more examples, you'd have to start googling pretty hard. The truth is that there's many things going on between Apple and Google and as consumers we should not pretend we know exactly what's going on based on a few web articles that we read. Instead, we should see the App Store for what it is and what it will be. It's brought success to more small developers such as you and me than anything else ever and for the 30% Apple takes from the developer, they actually do quite a lot of work testing and debugging the apps for you besides providing the awesome platform.

There are quite a few Apps currently that offer offline caching of maps on the App Store. To offer this excuse firstly is to penalise Apple for a shortcoming of a Google App and secondly another flimsy attempt to justify Jailbreaking.

I do not have to provide you reasons for you alone to push them down as excuses, simply because I do not owe you or your belief any explanation. However, I respect your point of view, but need not agree to. The App store or jailbreak store progresses means I still get to benefit from both places than limiting myself to one place, I do not believe the need to let Apple (nor the government) to dictate how I use their product. Either place, the developers have to push their capabilities to be noteworthy. My dollars goes to whoever that I find worth spending.
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