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YOU are wrong systemx totally wrong. Flash is nowadays trends. Didnt you realise adobe making big money out of flash apps. In fact i find flash as user friendly and light. Questions regarding security loopholes is whether those companies are going to employ white hats to deal with black hats. Nothing is perfect! Even windows and mac os still need to patch up frequently!

I seen most of your threads .... in fact you are just an apple polisher. Do you actually work for apple? I hope you understand this forums are bringing goodwill and not end up cheating the hwz community No offense btw
and HTML5 is catching up.
Flash is great. It's an awesome platform.
On a windows machine.

On my linux and mac, it eats up CPU cycles like no tomorrow. Watching youtube on mac drains my battery like water flowing out of a tap. I switched over to the HTML5 version of youtube recently. It was pretty sweet.
oh joy.
We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realised they were inside us.
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