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How to Clean Your Lens
Cleaning the lens is a simple operation if you do it the right way. First, make sure you are working in a well-lit environment. You should start with the exterior of the lens. Make sure both the front and rear caps are in place. Use a soft brush to brush away any sand particles which might have settled on the lens.

Next you can clean the front element of the lens, of the filter if your lens is protected by a UV or skylight filter. Use a blower brush, such as those from UN, and blow away any visible dust and sand particles with the blower. Then use a soft brush to brush away any particles that might be stuck at the edges.

Next, prepare 2 pieces of Kodak lens cleaning tissue. Fold them 4 times until they are a small rectangle. Wet one of the pieces with about 4 drops of Kodak Lens Cleaning Fluid and wipe the lens or filter LIGHTLY. Use a circular motion to clean the lens and allow the fluid to evaporate quickly. When you have done that, use a microfibre cleaning cloth to wipe off any remaining stains. Finish off by using the blower brush to blow off any lint. Your lens and filter should be as good as new.

Cleaning the back element is essentially the same. Just be careful not to use excessive cleaning alcohol as it may seep into the lens. Because the back element is seldom exposed, it should be much cleaner and will not require much cleaning. Clean only when necessary. If you are using a AF lens, check the lens contacts to make sure they are clean. If they are not, use the ROR cleaning solution to wipe off any residue on the contacts.

Finally, after your lens is squeaky clean, lift it up to a bright source of light and carefully check for fungus and dirt. If you spot fungus growth, send it off for cleaning immediately. To keep your lenses safe and free from fungus, store them in a cool and dry environment. You can either use silica gel in a air-tight container, or use the Toyo View electric dehumidifying cabinets.

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