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Maybe because alot of guys know i'm in the UK now.
Thus having alot of requests to lookout, particularly for Citiz Black and white standalone.

Citiz Standalone:

Black/White Version.
From what i heard, Magimix had up their prices for don't know what reason.
They are the makers for the black//White machines.
The staff say is maybe due to better finishing since they are made with a special alloy of polished chrome aluminium.
If you don't know what i mean, observe the black/white Citiz's handle, is shiny metal. It's resistant to scratches.

Red/Grey version.
Slightly cheaper than black/white version by i think about $10.
ALOT cheaper than SG. It's 25% more expensive in SG even if you add on all the freight, tax, insurance, forex, etc.

Citiz with Milk:
Black is still the best seller.

Same reason, red is slightly cheaper than black, and again, it's much cheaper than SG.

Had totally phased out. I only saw purple color. LOL
Don't think anyone wants it.
They released a new enhanced version with auto mode and power saving like the Citiz, but it's alot more expensive.
From my personal opinion, not a good buy.

There are people also asking for models like Lattesima.

Anyway, those who wants me to help you get, you can drop a mail. I'm okay.
But it may take time.

The culture here is strange, after Xmas, alot of shops are still in out of stock status for a while. So i've to sort out, and i have sort out my personal things as well.

This month March, marks the 4th year since i first introduce Nespresso to HWZ.
Before the boutique even opened.

I'm sure Nespresso had earned alot of business from me.
Or at least from my active promotion, i had influenced and made over hundred new user for them.

Hi bro!

Any chance to bring in the black Citiz version?
What's the nett price if bringing to SG?
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