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R410A is Greener and more friendly to the environment and inverter compressor is quieter and having longer compressor life span than a non inverter unit.

i see the reason most people opt for R22 and non inverter is the higher cost of R410A and inverter.
if you got the extra budget just for R410A and inverter.

Daikin website got the charges of R22 and R410A
their price diff is not that ridiculously expensive.
Do you know the the efficiency of cooling capacity of R410 is somewhat lower than R22 and Compressor using R410 it need to use ether oil which absorb moisture much more faster than R22 therefore your system is more likely to breakdown in a sub standard technician. So you think 350% is not a ridiculously price?????, do you know how a dc compressor work when it kick in it is spinning in extreme high speed to speed up the cooling efficency therefore part inside of the comp tend to worn out much faster than non inveter comp which only spinning at max of 50hz our local supply and when run at high speed the temp inside the comp will be extreme high and when the ether oil is so easy to absorb moisture therefore oxidize then rust follow you need to pay for replacement.
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