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provided compressor warranty is 5 years warranty. so shouldnt be a problem when it needs a replacement of compressor.

for mine, additional 1 year warranty from installer.

IMO, yup, r410 is more cold than r22, of cos anything u can say inverter is gd. but there is 1 thing u cannot do, which is the price different between a non-inverter n inverter.

of cos if got $$, than no problem to go for inverter.. if anything spoilt, got $$ also no problem. rite?
Bro do you notice some manufacturer in the market promise of 5 yrs warranty of compessor but must replace by their own technician and then they charge you only the workmanship. Do you know the cost of the workmanship cost more or same when you give a third party contractor do the same job with a same brand new comp. I do not want to mention the brand of the Air-Con.
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