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a sub standard technician will cause problem to a R22 non inverter aircon too, it not apply only to R410A inverter unit.
non inverter have the frequent start and stop problem, it also likely to cause the unit to have a shorter life span.
inverter aircon is not something new in the market. they had been in the market for years. if the reliability is an issue we should see mass failures and users complaining around. there inverter units running for years without problem.

like it or not R22 will be phase out and get replaced by R410A. R22 might be more expensive than R410A down the road once majority switch to R410A.
yes, for me i willing to fork out the extra 350% or $25 now for a greener environment and i dont see how often user will need a gas refill with a proper installation..
FYI R22 will stop production in year 2020 where now plant in china and south america is piling up the R22 stock conservative say it can last another ten year therefore by 2030 then maybe R22 will totally phase out.
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