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lol.. Yr4 Real Estate here.. graduating liao...

NUS RE is picking up.. contrary to what previous posters have said the job scope is pretty wide..

Govt is one avenue.. URA and IRAS *property tax* and HDB are the main hirers

But from a rough survey this sem.. there are alot of private sector jobs available..

Developers : KeppelLand , CapitaLand, CDL i.e i.e... MA Programs for these are sought after and they look out for RE grads due to the knowledge

Finance sector : banks are hiring RE grads also.. cause property is an investment class.. there are a few graduates who have gotten jobs in the fund management sector and into banks.. starting pays for these are above market.. think 3k n above

Property Consultancies: Jones Lang , Knight Frank.. these firms ONLY hire Real Estate Graduates first.. and if they cannot find suitable.. they go 2nd choice Marketing students..Pay range is good also..

So Real Estate is picking up in terms of its competitive advantage.. only thing is the entry barriers are still catching up with Business Fact.

My advice? : i guess its up to your enthusiasm on how you explain why u feel the Real estate industry is suited for u.. lol.. the rest if up to them to decide.. but grades are not the most important.. i mean i got in with A levels C C C in 06.. lol
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