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Hi, the wet market I am referring to is block 11. I used to frequent this stall. Run by 3 old ladies and an old man. I do not know if they are still in business elsewhere since the market has been torn down. If you know where this stall is located now, appreciate if you can let me know. Same for the other stalls, like the one selling chicken rice facing the row of shops, the fried carrot cake store (1 man show) next to the chicken store, and the noodle stall next to the carrot cake store.

Then there is also this economy rice stall at the coffee shop opposite the market that sells cheap and good food. Usually can see long queue. This coffee shop also has a store that sells wanton mee and mutton soup.

Is it the infamous stall that will still give you pig skin when u specifically said you don't want it?
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