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I just completed my chemical wash for my system 3 at $120 nett last thurs. I think I will be changing new service company soon. He is kinda dishearted to do my AC servicing already.

I can easily tell by his response as he insist on top-up gas at $300+ while I insist not to after the chemical wash.

Initially I though he is right for refrigderant insufficient but I'm confidence myself. 1st night, blower was clear but not cooling as its used to be. Recently past Sunday till now, i feel that my AC system is back at full cooling power at "Auto Cool mode: 25C". Usually I prefer to standardise the AC at that mode. Most $$$ saving bah i think.

Any where higher fan mode or lower degree, I will think the AC need servicing. Now I think back what if I let service guy for the top-up? Will it be a waste of $300?

Every initial servicing - approach new AC company, the service usually better but sooner if you keep regular just plain chemical wash for $120 only, they get slacken.

Why I insist not for the top up? My AC was cooling just the blower was jammed, chemical wash clear the dirt and jammed, plus I make sure he doesn't touch my Condenser in any way.

IMHO, prefer to approach bigger established AC service company. Those with bigger ads or website which stated their pricing. Always keep a record of receipt and service report every time to remind you how much/when you did ur last servicing.

My AC fren told that if no service report or reciept with official company stamp, its usually freelance at work using their company equipments to earn extra buck. Those are the black sheep in AC servicing market so dun fall into their trap.

Some common sense just needed if any guy working from full time AC service company, you usually call their HP in their name card. After service, no report or receipt, he just earn additional by claiming his leave or off day or MC. So do you think employee will be so hardworking for company by asking for more servicing stuff eg. top-up gas, takedown etc etc. I in my stand prefer to do whats require and finish, pack up and go home. Why I ask for more work and help company to earn more while I take home monthly regular paycheck? Unless I the shareholder of the service company lah which is unlikely because I opt ed for more well established company.
coolant will nvr reduce one, if it does, it shows that ur aircon pipe etc got leakage liao, this is totally due to the poor workmanship............
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