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I have been looking for a system 3 that is sufficiently powerful enough i.e BTU of 30,000 and above. Does anyone know why there is a difference between what is advertised by the air conditioning companies and that by the NEA database?

For example, Mitsubishi Electric MXY-4A38VA advertises at 38,000 BTU but on the NEA website, it is only 9.01 Kw/h (multiplied by 3412) which is equal to 30,742 BTU.
Similarly, Toshiba's RAS-4M26SACV has it at 34,000 BTU while on the NEA website, it is only 7.59 Kw/h = 25,897 BTU.

I have been using a Mitsubishi Electric inverter air conditioner for the past 6 years and have not been happy with its cooling capabilities since day 1. Agreed, dropping to 25 degrees is nothing but I like my rooms cold so at least 22 degrees but have never seem to been able to achieve that. Am happy that I can finally change.

Anyone have any recommendations? I've been consistently pushed Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin. Also, it seems in forum that the preferred installer is Gain City's. Would be great if there are any other recommendations.

Many thanks!
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