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Hi Innocast,

Thank you for your inputs. Appreciate that you took the time for a long response.

On the cooling capacity, it is what really works that matters. With all this advertised above its working capacity, it feels like being sold a 1.5l car for a 2l car. For ME, the difference is a lot, almost 8000 btu.

My old ME is using 8k, 8k, 12k configuration and I believe BTU was 24k which was the highest 6-8 years ago. It is not cold enough and we have the fan on at the same time. The lower noise also meant that the blower at the indoor units are not as powerful. That was what the installers said when I complained. And with me having to have the fan on as well, any other air conditioner will be quieter...haha....

Hence, looking to get one that will be much higher than the 24k BTU and going for 8k, 12k, 18k. I am not sure if there was any savings when I changed to inverter. My main consideration was that it must be able to cool the room sufficiently and the inverter options had the higher BTUs.

Currently, ME has the highest advertised BTU at 38k, Toshiba at 34k and I think Sanyo at 33k. But in NEA website, ME and Sanyo's at about the same at 30k and Toshiba at 26k.

I also realised that none of these are new models. They have been around for almost a year or longer. After my experience with ME, I am reluctant to buy another ME. I am ok with only using 3 indoor units on a System 4 as long as I can get it cold enough. But no sales person has been able to explain how energy saving that would be or if I can get the full cooling capacity of the condenser.

I've actually called up each of the distributors and honestly, customer service in Singapore sucks. ME and Daikin offered some decent information but Sanyo just informs that they don't have stock and don't even know when they will have it.

Do you have any recommendations for dealers? I have gotten two quotations so far but they seem higher than what is advertised on Cool Serve's website and in one instance just totally ignored what my demands were.

Many thanks!
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