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Hello everybody

I'm a year2 going on to year3(final year) in Sept, doing UOL econs n finance.

Is it true that CFA level1 can be done before i graduate? If so, when is the earliest I can apply and register to take the exams? Is it the december exams? Will i have enough time to prepare for it?

I am thinking of going into research analyst after i graduate, but that is just wishful thinking on my part because i dont know how the job market will be in future and i dont have any prior experience. Would the CFA be helpful in this case?

Thanks for answering my questions =)
yes you can..for ur info last year 1 banking&finance UOL student did it and pass the dec exam lvl 1.. CFA is very useful.

I also have friend doing 1 in Europe) from IE business school in Madrid. It is very internationally. The class is only for 30 students but represent 26 nationalities. How cool it is!
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