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1. What is the best way for airport transfer to Les Suites Ching Cheng? it is located near Nanking East Mrt station. I cannot decide between Freego bus and taxi? How is the Freego bus like? is it spacious and comfortable like the tour coaches to Genting?
You can Take Freego or Evergreen-check which bus leaving first before buying the ticket.These are tour buses -comfortable with luggage compartments etc.

2. Is getting to scenic places like Yeliu & Shihfen waterfall difficult? how long does it take? How much time should i allocate to visiting them?
You said 4 days i.e.4D/3N or 5D/4N If the former, the I'd not go to Shifen as it will be time consuming unless you leave real early and check the train timings for connections-Do Yeliou and Jioufen N Keelung

3. Where are the best places to shop for stuff suitable for people in the early 20 age group?
For Girls-Wufenpu and Zhongxiao Dunhua for Unisex Night Markets like Shihlin and Raohe St NM and XMD

Hot Spring: You can go for package of 1.5 hrs or 2 hrs: Go on a weekday:in Beitou: If public area, you need swimwear and cap for unisex bathing,check out the websites for info:

Spring City Resort: Tel: 2897 5555 Fax: 2896 1248

Asia Pacific Resort: Tel: 2898 3088 Fax: 2832 4053

Spa Spring Resort: Tel: 2897 9060 Fax:2897 9065
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