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if i want to go to the following places in 1 day, how should i plan my route and what mode of transport should i take? i only know i should start with yeliu and end with pingxi...

XMD to:

bus from taipei main station -> yeliu
bus from yeliu alighting point, cross the road -> keelung (mainly is for miaokou NM, is this 24 hours? saw from the website that it is but i thought it is a NM *confused*)
bus from keelung interchange -> jinguashi (not a must)
take back same bus from jinguashi -> jiufen (old street)
cab from jiufen -> shifen (waterfall)
cab? -> pingxi (to fang tian deng)
how to go back XMD from pingxi?

is the above viable? thanks in advance!
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