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Ok for the benefits of everyone here that want to receive Digital TV aka DVBt you need to know a few things.

1. DVBt is much much clearer than Analog transmitted tv signals no ghosting what so ever even if signal strenght is only at 22% you still get crystal clear picture unlike analog signals just as long there is signal for the TV to detect and quality dun go below 50% where picture starts to pixilate.

2. DVBt like analog is transmitted over the air and on UHF frequencies, HD5 is 610Mhz while the rest is 538Mhz.

3. Those staying in HDB and connecting through SCV point and want to receive digital 5, 8, CNA & HD5 sorry you need a digital set top box if not you just getting a normal one without digital capability. Dun know more as I dun have SuckHub or Milo TV.

4. For those that plug into the wall socket that connects to HDB rooftop antenna probably gonna be disappointed as I believe the roof top antenna isn't optimise to receive Digital TVs unless HDB decides to spend on upgrading them which I feel is a long long wait unless is new estate.

Ok for those staying at HDB and want to receive DVBt you need a powered UHF antenna that is rated to receive frequencies up to 1000Mhz / 1Ghz the higher the frequencies it is rated the better and you good to go. For those that want analog also and don't want to walk up walk down pressing that bloody A/B switch go buy a VHF/UHF mixer ~$15 at UF technology at SLS, please dun use a splitter, splitter is splitter while mixer is mixer and you get to watch both digital as well as analog Okto, U, Vasathan, Suria etc etc. How to connect very simple self explanatory once you get the mixer quite idiot proof. VHF to VHF, UHF to UHF sockets. Suria, normal 5 n 8 is VHF, Okto, U, TV3 is UHF.

For those advanturious you can build the DB4 HDTV ant seen on youtube - trust me it works I built one myself but please use RG6 75ohm coxial not older RG59 75ohm ones thats the reason I was getting massive signal lost and also throw in a signal booster for better signal strength again self explanatory once you get the thing idiot proof ~ $16 buy at SLT the electronics component shop on the right once you enter the building can't remember the shop name.

REMEMBER that it all depends on location on where you stay if your block is low and has many many other HDB that is much much higher that block you than you may not receive anything at all go KPKB to mediacock to increase signal strength.

Ok this is all I know and what I did to receive my DVBt and analog TVs.
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