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Water is imporant for everything. So getting high quality water aside... here is what you need to do to fix gout.

Stop eating processed meats. Its not meat that gives you gout, its CRAP meat. Chicken nuggets are NOT meat, bak-kua is NOT meat, saussages are NOT meat. Eat meat, just not the nonsense kind. The world's highest rates of gout is in Germany i.e. land of saussage (crap meat)

Also you need a proper multi vitamin that boosts liver detoxification. For clients with gout at my center, I use Multi-Intense. . For men and post menopausal women, choose the iron free version.

My own dad had gout for many years especially while working in the middle east (crap meat) but once hes back home he eats alot better and no gout attacks for 2 years following the steps above.
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