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For my camp, the rules are:

1. No Image Capturing Devices

2. No Removable Storage (e.g USB) or Memory Card reading devices

I believe the iPad does not even fall within these two rules. It is technically an iPod touch with an awesomely large screen and for Wifi+3G models, the 3G internet capability (which by now, is a standard feature for almost all the mobile phones in Singapore). If they want to push the second rule, then only the Camera Connector Kit should be banned.

However there's news spreading around in my camp that a high-ranking officer brought his iPad in and was told by a camp security officer that it's not allowed as it "practically replaces a laptop". Obviously if they want to force this sort of strange rule, the argument can be extended that any sort of PDA or Smartphone that has "productivity apps" or the ability to use GPRS/3G internet should be banned too.
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