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Hi Aztech HQ,

I am experiencing the problem with my 110E and 110EW sets when I am connecting my windows xp netbook to the 100EW. After browsing the internet for a few minutes (20-30 mins), the netbook will not be able to access the internet or the LAN network. Pings to my gateway are also lost. After releasing the IP for the netbook and renewing, the netbook is no longer able to acquire a new IP.

I do not have problems with my desktop PC which is connected via Wifi but to my wireless router and not to the homeplug during this entire period. Can you let me know what is the issue? Thanks.
Hi Turalyon,

Just to clarify, are you trying to connect via wired or wireless with the HL110EW ?

Can you advise me on the brand model of your wireless router ? If your router IP address is, it will be necessary to upgrade the firmware of the HL110EW which it will assign a different IP address to the HL110EW. The default IP address that has been assigned is 192.1681.1 resulting on the IP address conflict. If you do not intend to upgrade your firmware, the only fix will be changing the IP address of your router.

It be helpful if you could PM us a number to reach you so that our engineer will walk thru with you a series of steps to rectify it.

Aztech HQ
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