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Oh.... so I'm not the only one getting really frustrated with Singtel backroom ops.

I've talked to no less than 8 CSOs last week to get my service corrected.

Monday - Called to cancel the free Reuters SMS.

Tuesday - They cancelled my MobileTV. Called them to re-instate the free MobiletV service.

Wednesday - They cancelled my AMPed service. Called them to re-instate the MobiletV & AMPed service.

Thursday - Both MobiletV & AMPed service not re-instated, although received automated SMS that MobileTV is activated. Checked my IDEAS account and saw I was billed for MobileTV.

Friday - Called and talked to a CSO. Put on hold while she checked.... until line got cut. Called again and talked to another CSO. She said no such thing as free MobileTV, only free data streaming. Asked her to check internally but she didn't and insisted. Fine, I hang up and check the website.... it says specifically free 24 mths MobileTV & AMPed. Called back immediately but another CSO could not put me thru' to the person (cannot locate such a name in their system). But when told of my situation, he answered immediately that the 2 services are free. I told him to input into the system under my file, that I should be getting these free and he did so. (so that different CSOs would know what is happening)

Finally, Friday night both service re-instated. But my IDEAS account still shows a $1.55 charge for MobileTV. I'm gonna monitor and see if I actually get billed for this.... and kick us another fuss should it be so.

What a bloody hassle...... simply no alignment between the frontline & backroom ops and the billing dept. Each do their own thing only w/o considering the entirety of the requests or service package.
It's weird ah how they are so blur. Unless the system only show in codes, else if the name is there, what's so confusing about clicking on the right package and removing it? Then send automated sms for user themselves to confirm, end of story.

I made a trip down to hello shop personally on monday and the person told me there was some problem with the activation of my flexi lite and they will push it. Seems like going down personally helps more after calling up was useless. Actually, i also don't know if the CSO was the problematic one or the computer system cock up but Singtel better sort them out quickly, else other people are getting so busy cos one particular department never do its job properly.
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