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Post iPad 101 - Everything About It

A lot of repeated questions about iPad, thus decided to start this thread so that it has a common thread to everything about iPad

Feel free to contribute or correct me if the information is incorrect

1. 3G iPad use MicroSim - a smaller sim card that can be cut using a cutter or a scissors.

2. How to convert the normal sim to micro sim
Please refer to this link

3. How to convert a micro sim to normal sim
Purchase a microsim adapter

4. 3G iPad APN setting for SG Service Providers
Starhub - no setting required

M1 - APN : sunsurf
Username : 65
Password : 65

Singtel - APN : internet or 65ideas
Username : guest or ideas
Password : guest or ideas

5. Type of data plan to be use in 3G iPad
i) Service providers iPad data plan
ii) existing iphone plan - subscribe to the service providers
multisim plan

6. What is MultiSim ?
In short - Service provider will provide 2 or more sim card with
that allow you to use it in 2 different device, eg 1 on iPhone for
voice/data the other sim for iPad data only

7. Can iPad be JailBreak ?
Yes currently with firmware 3.2 only
Please read jailbreak instructions here or search under google

8. Can the iPad sent sms or make phone call ?

9. Can skype be use on iPad ?
Yes but without video

10 . How long does the battery last ?
Approx 8 to 10 hrs on a single charge

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