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if you are installing for 3 rooms, that equals to a System 3 that you are looking for.
Likewise, System 2 means 2 air-conditioning units.

most newer brands are reliable and quiet. The popular choices are Panasonic and Misubitshi Electric i believe. Could be due to their inverter units that help to save $$ if your aircon is on for long hours.

not forgetting to get the correct BTU is also important. If you get an insufficient BTU unit to cool a big room, the room will never reach the desired temperature and the aircon will be working at full load all the time, thus wasting energy. A correct BTU vs room will see energy saving once the room is cooled to the desired temperature.

As for R410A and R22.. i think those are the gas? not too sure. need to go read up also ^_^

estimate cost for sys3 can ranged 3k or higher.
R410A is more colder than R22.

disadvantage is higher pressure, thus need thicker copper piping. colder = thicker insulation.
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