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Replies below, please help. Thank you guys so much!

1. You can drag the slider on Boot Camp Utility to change the space. No harm formatting to NTFS later during Windows install right? It doesn't take long.

I tried on my friends comp, max is 32GB on the slider. Anyone else knows why? The problem is not formating to NTFS later but if the initial bootcamp format is FAT32, it means max 32GB. I would like to change that.

2. I'm quite confused. Why would you need to share your internal 500GB drive with other Windows computers? Unless you want to pull it out every now and then.

Well, the internal 500GB is the data drive, which the comp fails (OS Drive in this case), I can at least pull out the internal drive and still work on another system, in this case windows probably. And if that windows computer doesnt have macdrive, then its a problem...

Also, it's not advisable to use Time Machine on the internal HDD. It defeats the purpose of a backup because if the drive fails, everything fails.

Again you didnt quite understood my setup. The SSD is my OS drive and the 500GB is the data and backup drive BUT instead of having it external, I have it internal with optibay setup.

3. Ratio based on what size? 500GB?

Ratio based on OS drive partition is 100GB for OS X on SSD and so how much should I allocated for TM on the 500GB? Is 1.5 good enough? Or 2? Or should I do away with TM and just go with super duper? If in that case, I could just format the whole 500GB with NTFS, do superduper, do winclone for bootcamp partition, and keep my data files. On OSX, I would use paragon NTFS, on windows machine, this drive would be "native". In this case, what am I losing out by not using TM? Specifically, what are the ad and disad of using only TM and TM+Superduper and only Superduper?

Do clarify so we can help you further.
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