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1. I don't think FAT32 = 32GB limit. I've been Boot Camp-ing for a long while now and I've easily had partitions bigger than 32GB in FAT32 and formatted to NTFS later.

2. Time Machine backs up your data periodically, ie every few hours/day depending on how you adjust it (3rd party - Which means heavy disk usage. And to share TM backup with data partition on the same disk just sounds like a recipe for losing everything when the disk eventually fails.

If you want to simply recover your files, the free HFS Explorer will do the trick. I've made a portable copy of it myself that includes the Java so I can even carry it on a thumbdrive (small FAT32 partition loaded with HFS Explorer > run app > able to read bigger HFS+ partition)

3. This is what I recommend:

SSD - 100GB OSX, 60GB Windows
HDD - 500GB Data (HFS+)
Ext HDD - 100GB SuperDuper, 60GB Acronis/other Windows backup utility
Time Capsule - Optional

Don't rely on NTFS drivers for your data drive. If you ever need to access the disk on a Windows box, MacDrive or HFS Explorer.

TM works best wirelessly and on an external drive in terms of convenience. Speed is another thing, but you'd be surprised on how fast it really is.

BTW, IIRC WinClone doesn't work on SL, or at least this is true last I checked.
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